Contest Time!

Between now and the week of our EP Release, we'll be posting flyers (like real ones, not just ones you see on the interwebs) all around Shreveport. The locations will be listed on our Facebook page, however, in order to be entered into the contest, you must take a photo of yourself (or have a friend take one for you) in front of the flyer at the location, check into the location on Facebook with the hashtag #InHenryWeTrust, and if you can, tag our page as well!

06132015 Trepid-OPD-CaliberTheory.jpg

Now, every different location check in (meaning you can't post the same location twice), with photo and hashtag gains you an entry into the contest. We will select a winner at random, so the more entries you have the more likely your chance of winning! On the night of the show, we will announce the winner from the stage. The winner will receive a free copy of our EP, their choice of 2 new t-shirt designs, and maybe some other cool new loot. Got it? 1) Find flyer at locations. 2) Take photo at location with flyer. 3) Check in to location on Facebook and share the photo with #InHenryWeTrust. 4) Repeat for each NEW location. 5) Show up to win your prize at the EP Release on June 13th at The Brass Monkey​. Easy peezy! We'll start posting locations tomorrow. In the meantime, if you happen to come upon one of our flyers before then, feel free to start sharing!

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