New year, New tunes

Well, 2015 was a very busy and exciting year for us. We forged a new lineup, recorded a 7 song EP, played a huge festival here in Shreveport with Halestorm, Trapt, Devour the Day, Wayland, Red Sun Rising, and our local brothers in Critical Failure. Participated in an art exhibit that was solely about local musicians, had the opportunity to share the stage with Pop Evil, who had just topped the rock charts with their music, made a lot of new friends, and had a blast.

Now for 2016. We've took a short live performance hiatus to get through the holidays and work on new music. Learning some fresh covers that I'm sure everyone will get a kick out of hearing. In talks with some local production to start on our first music video for this lineup, and also lining up a producer to work with for our next album. Things are looking good.

We have a few shows that we can't announce yet, but we'll be sharing all that info soon enough. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter for event info! We're looking forward to rocking your faces off once more this year!


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