"Rust" Official Music Video Release

There's a demon in downtown. Lurking, crawling, sludging through the bottom of the Lake Street Interstate building. Trepid, a group of local musicians and amateur goat herders, took it upon themselves to inspect this supernatural being and it's basement dwelling.

Accompanied by Jen Driskill, her manservant Robert Richardson, and a handful of hapless chaps (Joey, James, and Karen) who wanted to help, Trepid delved into the sea of darkness. Little did they know, the cruel spectre would seize their minds, their bodies, and their souls. The brave lads of Fairfield Studios were unfortunate enough to document this incident and are rumored to still be in quarantine with psychological therapy.

We may never know how anyone made it out alive, but they did... barely. Take a trip into insanity, depravity, and the macabre as we present for your viewing pleasure, "Rust":

#MusicVideo #Rust #InHenryWeTrust

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